Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quenny's life - part 1

I really don't know how I can survive in that past 4 months. Unhappiness, lying to myself, sadness, lost confident and so on. But till now, I only realize that there is nobody can't live without somebody. I tell myself I have to find back the previous Quenny and I pray to God everyday. Finally, I find back the previous Quenny with the blessing of God. I promise to myself, I won't let myself to get hurt again and I have to live in happiness. Even one of my friend who tell me that I really very cool. She said that every time I face with problem or get hurt, I still can stand up and tell them "I'm fine because I'm Quenny".

Thanks for my friends and colleagues who are always support me and always accompany me when I'm down. They bring me out and bring me to have a lot of delicious food. The first destination is "Look Out Point". It is located at the half of the mountain. We can enjoy our dinner and KL's night view. It makes me feel relax. If you have your partner, you can bring them along too cause there is quite romantic.

If you are bread admirer, I will introduce you to "LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie". There consists of different type of bread and cake. It is very delicious. Beside that, I like the environment too. It really suit for gathering. After eating all those dessert, it make me feel happy.

The third place that introduce to all of you is "Chilis". There are a lot of delicious food. But the most experience thing is my colleagues have order a bottle of red wine and this is the first time for me to drink a glass of red wine. Just a glass of red wine already make me blur but nevermind, it's time for Quenny grows up and learn a lot of things..:p

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